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dreams of ancient gods

& lore of the past

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the Mystical Realm


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They come,

Hay yah!    On the wings of North Wind

They come,

Hay yah!    Raven is their brother.

Bear says this,                                                                

Hay yah!    First Man and First Woman turn away.

They are coming from the sky,

Hay yah!    they will eat your children!

W. Sarabande


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Have we lost our way?...
We must return again to the call of nature ...
This call is muted with the hurts around us ...
Destruction of the good and bad ...
We must return, not as aliens, but as Keepers of all
things that are a part of us ...
Some are forever gone ...
Others are crying out in despair ...
Just as our Ancestors kept the faith with all things
Great and Small ...
So must we be the guardians of the Sun, the Moon
and the Stars ...
It is because of them, and our respect for their powers
that we must raise our voices to be heard ...
We are not just the Red Man, we are THE PEOPLE ...
Our fathers before us worshipped all things of nature ...
This is good, for Nature is the Heart of all things ...
All of us spring from Mother Earth and must return to
her bosom ...
If we poison Her, so will our future be poisoned ...
She will rebel against the hurts and we will be the losers ...
We must return ...
Earth Keeper
The forest speaks,
The prairie speaks,
In wind murmers
through the high oak,
Through the short grass.
Glory to the seven cardinal points.
To the East, to the South,
To the West, to the North,
To the Upper, to the Lower,
And to the Inner,
The circle of incense smoke
that joins them in breath;
Glory to the Earth of
walking feet,
To the Sky of leaping
And to the corn seed
That joins them in
We are
The Keeper of the circle;
We are
The Keeper of the fire;
We are
The Keeper of the Earth.

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Йせカせ The Journey 互户


As the dry and dusty trail stretched before me,
I thought of what had
been, exsisting now in memory.
The plains of summer grasses, the stream of pure mountain waters,

the colors of the rainbow scattered in a mosaic of
unbelievable complexity.

In the distance a thunderhead is building,
the rumbling of it's internal
construction can almost be heard, more likely imagined.
Once again I turn my
attention to the path,
it seems to lead to the sun, resting now on the
far > horizon.
The clouds and sky, reflect the heart of the sun and all
that it is,
with the purple, pink, shades of blue, orange and crimson. These
blending with the earthened tones of land as it reaches to the light

I relax and know that my path is before me, the purpose is remembering
There is a breeze that comes from behind me,
as if to push me forward and I sense the presence of one I cannot see.

Seeing without sight the winds embrace me, and whisper softly.
"You are never alone,
for I am always
with you".

My steps though tentative, begin again. The earth guides me, the wind
embraces me, the waters nourish me, and the fires warm me. These
things I will remember and know I will never be, as I have never been,
Journey begins anew
maste' Tarah
"Celticlane's" daughter